Please note that these were all DJs It might be possible that on the non-mentioned dates (Paris Milan London) there were also DJs but no evidence. -- Breed Type -- Draft Gaited Light Other Pony or Miniature Horse Spanish/Iberian Stock Warmblood/Sport Horse

-- Breed Type -- Draft Gaited Light Other Pony or Miniature Horse Spanish/Iberian Stock Warmblood/Sport Horse The table is sortable according to chronological or alphabetical order so click on the arrows in the first two columns to rearrange them       Search for resins Dave Gahan was never the closing act for any of these festival dates It is not sure if Dave Gahan shared the same stage (assuming there was more than one stage) with the headline acts at all these festivals In 2003 Dave Gahan went on an extensive tour through Europe and USA Besides playing at many festivals he also took several support acts with him. Aleksej Rahov: "On the other hand I like it that the guy went forwa and did not repeat the past and has tried to make things different He's making a kind of rock music I was even surprised by that There's a lot of energy a lot of guitars very little electronics there's such an expression." This page lists all acts that have supported Depeche Mode throughout the years As the table of contents shows this page does not only contain a table of all the support acts having opened for Depeche Mode but it also lists the shows where Depeche Mode supported another act festival line-ups support acts for cancelled concerts cancelled support acts and rumours and uncertainties about acts allegedly having supported DM as well Here is a list of concerts without support acts While a lot of time and research has been put into this page it is always possible that there may be one or two errors here and there If you notice an error or you have more info to add please contact us Mohatility © what you won't expect!


Depeche Mode never liked being the support act Dave Gahan said in the November 1981 issue of Sounds "When we used to support we got treated so bad Especially at certain places in London which I won’t mention They tread all over you and to the PA blokes you’re nothing It’s always ‘Where’s the support?’ They won’t even mention your name Now we are the headliners – they love us We’re playing two nights at the Lyceum – so we are the big. Apparently Dave invited them to see Depeche Mode at the South By South West music conference in Austin Texas A few weeks later they got an e-mail from the band’s management asking them to be the sole support for five dates on Mode’s European tour At festivals it is the organisers who decide who gets to play before Depeche Mode not Depeche Mode themselves so acts that perform before Depeche Mode could arguably not be counted as a support act Nevertheless it is listed here for completion's sake Only the acts that performed on the same day and on the same stage as Depeche Mode are mentioned below They also.     Resins & customs for sale by Bonnie Krueger - 1/19/18       Browse galleries of finished horses